DVD - Twelve and Holding (3 stars)

Twelve and Holding

(15) 95min (Lionsgate DVD rental/retail)


When a prank goes horribly wrong with one boy being burned alive in a tree house, his closest allies cope with the loss in their own ways. The dead lad’s brother Jacob, born with a massive birthmark, goes on a mission to make the incarcerated prankster’s life hell; the obese Leonard tries to shed the pounds and take his large mum with him; and Malee, a therapist’s daughter, fixates on an unbalanced ex-firefighter.

This moving pre-teen drama is only spoiled by an over-emphasis on elemental symbolism (mainly fire, but also gas and water), and some glaring flaws in its storyline. But with impressive performances from its young leads, and a lack of fear in tackling some tough issues, Twelve and Holding makes its impact count. No extras.

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