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(18) 79min (1 Star) More dire vigilante antics from the oeuvre of Danny Dyer. This time he’s one half of a middle class couple (the other half is a slumming Gillian Anderson), at the beginning of their romance, who embark on a violent killing spree after surviving a gang attack. This badly structured, acted and directed drama reaches for something to say about grief and revenge but is actually about as profound as the collected writings of Michael Winner. Avoid at all costs. General release from Fri 27 Apr.


(12A) 95min (3 Stars) Moderately successful Philip K Dick adaptation about Las Vegas based magician Cris Johnson (Nic Cage) who has the ability to see into the future. Working under an assumed name to avoid the examinations he underwent as a child at the hands of paranormal investigators, he is lying low. But when a terrorist group threatens to blow up Los Angeles, government agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) captures Cris and tries to convince him to help. Solid direction from Lee Once Were Warriors Tamahori and good performances from the leads make this an entertaining, if over familiar (if you have seen Minority Report anyway), thriller. General release from Fri 27 Apr.

Reno 9/11!: Miami

(15) 84min (2 Stars) This big screen version of the popular Comedy Central series harks back to the days of the Police Academy films. Those dumb Reno cops are at a convention at Miami Beach when a terrorist attack strikes and they are called into action, for all the good it will do. There’s about half an hour of good material here; the rest is filler that seems to have been written by a pre-pubescent simpleton. General release from Fri 27 Apr.

Bridge to Terabithia

(PG) 95min (3 Stars) Sensitive and faithful adaptation of Katherine Paterson’s beloved 1977 coming of age children’s book about love, loss and the power of imagination. Artistic kid Jess’ (Josh Hutcherson) is being bullied at school and his four sisters invade his space in the family’s cramped house. His world changes when outsider Leslie (Annasophia Robb) moves into the house next door. Soon the two are thick as thieves and they begin to build an imaginary world in a nearby wood. This expensive, anachronistic fantasy film is something akin to Pan’s Labyrinth without the violence. Worth a look for adults and kids alike. General release from Fri 4 May.

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