Wild Geese II (1 star)

Wild Geese II

If you’re a man of a certain age, chances are The Wild Geese made a lamentably unPC impact on your youth. So too, it’s likely that you found your way to the sequel, seven years later in 1985, but you don’t remember much about it.

Here’s why: Peter Hunt’s follow-up relocates to Berlin, and the ludicrous proposition that a media network wants (still living, but moribund) Nazi war criminal Rudolph Hess kidnapped for an interview. Stone-faced automaton Scott Glenn and ridiculous shouty poshboy Edward Fox get the job, and have to compete with IRA men, Palestinian terrorists (what have they got to complain about?) and rogue MI6 men for the dubious honours. Poorly acted and risibly plotted, with strictly budgeted action sequences, and unhelped by a pick-up-the-cheque five-minute ‘mittel European’ cameo from Laurence Olivier as Hess, this piece leaves one wondering why Spandau Prison wasn’t kept open to house those responsible for this glib, shameless travesty of the original. No extras, thank heavens.

(18) 125min (Optimum DVD retail)

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