Ultra (4 stars)


Ricky Tognazzi’s grim, but occasionally comical piece of social realism from 1990 might be seen as a fascinating insight into the kind of empty nihilism that has led to so many years of Berlusconi in Italy.

In it, the lives of a group of Roma casuals are directed towards the only form of faith working folk have left: the next game, in this case versus Juventus. Prince (Claudio Amendola) has just been released from jail, and returns in time for the game, not seeming to realise that his friend Red (Ricky Memphis) has started a relationship with his girlfriend in the interim. The train to Turin and its violent aftermath marks out a journey that tells us as much about crushed aspiration and marginalisation as it does about the tryst at the centre. This is a powerful piece of film- making which helped to create the football hooligan subgenre, with a strange beauty in its urban and scrubland locations. Minimal extras.

(18) 87min (Drakes Avenue DVD retail)

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