Sighthill - The Estate: episode guide

Sighthill - The Estate: In state

While all of the ‘characters’ on The Estate interweave throughout each other’s stories, there are several stand-out individuals


Forced to leave Zimbabwe because she opposed Robert Mugabe, Sifiso has been living in Sighthill for four years, watching her children grow up with broad Glasgow accents, and worrying about their sense of identity.
Episode 1: My Home. Airs Mon 13 Jul.

Kerry Ann

Part of a homeless family who are perpetually uprooted between the various decrepit temporary houses that the state finds for them. She’s frighteningly bright and imaginative, even as her mother worries that being forced to move schools every few months is damaging her education.
Episode 3: Unsettled. Airs Wed 15 Jul.

Pawel and Madga

Polish economic refugees Pawel and Magda are permanently cheery, very much in love and utterly devoted to Sighthill. They proudly show the camera round their first ever home, despite the impending demolition.
Episode 5: Our Piece of Heaven. Airs Mon 20 Jul.

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