We Are Astronomers

We Are Astronomers

Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh


When it first opened in 1999, Our Dynamic Earth quickly became one of Edinburgh’s most exciting and imaginative visitor attractions. Ten years later, the technology used to explore the history of the earth still looks fresh and innovative. But even when you’re looking backwards you still have to move forwards. Which is why Our Dynamic Earth has enlisted the help of the Time Lord himself, David Tennant.

The Scottish actor narrates We Are Astronomers, a new 360-degree dome film which visitors enjoy as the dramatic climax to their journey through the centre. Having travelled back billions of years to witness the big bang, discovered how life began on earth, and learned about modern-day threats to the planet, the film takes us up and out into the universe.

Created in conjunction with the National Space Centre, We Are Astronomers demonstrates how far we’ve come since the days of one man and his telescope gazing at the stars. Today’s astronomers benefit from incredible technology, not all of which is easy for young children (or indeed non-science types like myself) to understand. But Tennant’s dulcet tones somehow break down the complexity of galaxies and gadgets, making this fascinating but complicated subject infinitely more approachable.

Similarly the use of the entire dome, which sees stunning images aim straight at you then fly over your head, ensures that even if you don’t understand all that’s being said, it’s still thrilling to watch. Backed by a beautiful soundtrack and populated by fun, animated characters (pictured), We Are Astronomers gives us a whole new understanding of life beyond the clouds, without skimping on the wow factor. For more information visit www.dynamicearth.co.uk

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