World Trade Center (1 star)

(12A) 129min


Oliver Stone has proved remarkably adept at re-enacting pivotal moments in post-World War II American history, from the death of John F Kennedy to the anti-Vietnam war movement (Born on the Fourth of July) and his intriguing portrayal of Nixon. His best films have been locked in the years surrounding the Vietnam War and in revealing a hidden or forgotten truth. Alas, his approach to the events of 9/11 come from the most banal and disconcerting elements of Hollywood filmmaking and Stone’s owned warped code of ethics. He has made a hero story out of the blackest day in recent American history. Our heroes are the last two men pulled out of Ground Zero alive, two cops played by Nicholas Cage and Michael Pena. After a foreboding and intense opening 20 minutes leading to the attack, Stone sketches a sentimental and sanctimonious story of family grief and courage against all odds. Incredibly, World Trade Centre depicts the tragedy as a crime against the white Christian right, rather than humanity, even going so far as making white a black US marine who heroically helped save the cops. The rewriting of history continues with a link between Iraq and 9/11, creating another of Stone’s half-baked, half-arsed conspiracy theories. Dreadful.

General release from Fri 29 Sep.

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