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  • 7 May 2007

Goodbye Bafana (15) 118min (2 Stars) Well intentioned but dreary and overlong adaptation of the recanting memoirs of white Afrikaans warder James Gregory who was in charge of Nelson Mandela when he was imprisoned on Robben Island. Directed by Dane Bille August (Smilla’s Feeling for Snow, The House of the Spirits) and starring Joseph Fiennes and Dennis Haysbert from TV’s 24 as Mandela. General release from Fri 11 May.

The Bridge (18) 93min (3 Stars) Documentary looking at the motivations behind many of the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge suicide jumpers. See interview. Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Fri 11-Mon 14 May.

The Tiger’s Tail (18) 106min (3 Stars) John Boorman’s self indulgent moral fable about the Irish economic boom and how its benefits have been distributed stars Brendan Gleeson as the businessman who loses his identity to his identical twin. There’s lots of good stuff here: the camerawork, score and many of the performances are terrific but much of the dialogue and action is drab and unconvincing. Plus the accents of the non-Irish performers (particularly SATC’s Kim Cattrall who gives an otherwise fine performance as a neglected wife) are appalling. Another flawed but arresting foible from Boorman. General release from Fri 18 May.

Love Wrecked (PG) 86min (1 Star) Pitifully bad romantic comedy about what happens when hideous teen Jenny (Amanda Bynes) becomes marooned with her rock star idol Jason Masters (Chris Carmack) while on a Caribbean cruise. This unfunny nonsense was directed, sadly, by Randall Grease Kleiser. General release from Fri 18 May.

Magicians (15) 89min (2 Stars) Peep Show stars Mitchell and Webb hit the big screen in this disappointing comedy of rivalry and the black arts. See preview. General release from Fri 18 May

Conversations With Other Women (15) 84min (3 Stars) Intriguing, wordy, ultimately numbing two hander in which two old friends (or were they lovers?) meet at a wedding. Presented in split screen, Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter are excellent and daring as the leads. See profile. Cineworld Renfrew Street, Glasgow and Cineworld Fountainpark, Edinburgh from Fri 18 May.

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