The Best Man (2 stars)

(12) 93min (Fox/Lionsgate DVD retail/rental)

If you’re yet to hear the name Cyrano de Bergerac and have no room in your brain for the knowledge that a film called The Graduate was ever made, then The Best Man might seem a breath of fresh air. When a struggling writer (Stuart Townsend) is asked to be the guy who makes the funny speech at the wedding of a guy (Steve John Shepherd) he hasn’t seen in years, wedding (and alarm) bells start to ring.

That the groom-to-be is a cad of the highest order and our best man will fall for the fiancée are never in doubt. That the dialogue, acting and script will be quite so woeful is no less than staggering. Having a mildly listenable soundtrack is one of the only things that can be said in this film’s favour, though its greatest achievement is to make fluffy romantic comedy purveyor Richard Curtis seem like Ken Loach. No extras.

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