In A Man's World - DVD review (2 stars)

In a Man's World

(15) 76min (Slam Dunk Media DVD retail)


OK, first things first: In a Man’s World is not a very good film, but it is interesting one for a number of reasons. Aberdonian writer/director Lee Hutcheson’s debut feature is a stilted, ultra low budget cross of Goodfellas, Sleepers and Shane Meadows Dead Man’s Shoes set in the underbelly of Aberdeen’s streets where cocaine, gangsterism and casual violence is common. Intriguingly, the main thread of the film follows the at first fun, and then tragic, shenanigans of a bunch of young kids Malki (Nico Hutcheson), Mincy (Robert McCalpine), Franky (Callum Leiper) and Jinxsy (Connor Skully). It’s all pretty hokey, clichéd stuff, with the director pulling everything out of the bag from maudlin voiceovers, repetitive slow motion and ridiculous indie tunes on the soundtrack. Yet the film is commendable in that it utilises a underused location, boasts a great young cast and is clearly made with a brutal honesty and grit that has been missing from Scottish cinema of late. Despite being a complete mess, In a Man’s World still augers well for Hutcheson who, with a lot of self-discipline, could just become an exciting voice in Celtic cinema. Loads of documentary extras.

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