P.S. (3 stars)

(15) 97min (Tartan DVD retail)

Films set in or around art schools are still something of a rarity (although Terry Zwigoff's Art School Confidential should be touching down sometime in 2007) so it's something of a shame that Dylan Rodger Dodger Kidd's second feature never got a proper theatrical release in this country. A kind of anti-supernatural 'supernatural romancer' in which ageing art school administrator Louise Harrington (Laura Linney) re-meets someone who seems to be a younger reincarnation of a previous long dead lover (Topher Grace) when he enrols at Columbia University. Kidd's spiky, knowing screenplay adapted from Helen Shulman's novel contains many subtle delights, insights and delicious one-liners concerning the nature of truth, perspective, ageing, humiliation, betrayal and addiction. It is, however, in Linney that Kidd seems to have really caught a break: she works so hard to make the audience see the other characters through the protagonist's eyes it really is quite remarkable - a a performance of rare skill and lack of vanity. The thinking woman's Ghost; highly recommended. Minimal extras.


  • 3 stars
  • 2004
  • US
  • 1h 37min
  • Directed by: Dylan Kidd
  • Cast: Topher Grace, Laura Linney