Hamlet 2 (1 star)

Hamlet 2

(15) 92min (Momentum DVD rental/retail)

Sneaking out on DVD, having failed to secure a cinematic release Steve Coogan and director Andrew The Craft Fleming’s arch and unfunny Hamlet 2 is a laboured addition to the ‘deluded loser’ genre. Coogan plays high-school drama teacher Dana Marschz, who writes a musical sequel to Shakespeare’s tragedy. Surrounded by a overqualified cast of assured comic actors, including Catherine Keener, Amy Baby Mama Poehler and Be Kind Rewind’s Melonie Diaz, Coogan seems uncomfortable with Hamlet 2’s emphasis on slapstick pratfalls, particularly a grating running joke about Marschz’s rollerblading clumsiness. Closer in ambition and scope to South Park than the bard, Hamlet 2, the play within the film contains production numbers ‘Rock Me Sexy Jesus’ and ‘Raped in the Face’. Amidst the scatological crudeness, only Elizabeth Shue emerges with any credit with a game cameo. Minimal Extras.

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