Admiral (3 stars)


(15) 124 min (Metrodome DVD rental/retail)

Admiral and family man Kolchak (Konstantin Khabensky) falls deeply in love with the beautiful young Anna (Elizabeta Boyarskaya) while fighting for Russia during World War I. She’s married, he’s married and the Russian Revolution is on their heels. What’s a sea faring man to do?

This is big-budget epic Russian romancer from the producers of Night Watch and Day Watch is predictably if ably handled. An image of drowned men is eerily effective, but check out the falling and shattering glass to indicate love at first sight offered in easy short hand. Andrei Kravchuk’s very efficient film seems more dutifully laboured than labour of love itself; especially so in the wake of Kravchuck’s recent, much more personal film The Italian. Minimal extras.

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