Dynamic: 01 - The Best of DavidLynch.com (3 stars)

Dynamic: 01 - The Best of DavidLynch.com

(15) 116 min
(Scanbox DVD retail)
Watching these sketches and skits that were first shown on David Lynch’s subscription-based website, we might think he is the Francis Bacon of film. In his features Lynch is the master of the tension between figuration and abstraction, between telling a story and creating an atmosphere. But where Bacon would destroy a painting when it moved too far into the abstract, Lynch here offers up the vignette that is probably best seen as more like an artist’s notebook than a self-supporting series of works. Lynch gives us six short films including The Darkened Room and the amusing Out Yonder Neighbor Boy, as well as three time-lapse experiments, but this feels like a useful peek into the mind of a working artist, but not quite the art itself. Minimal extras.

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