I Sell the Dead (3 stars)

I Sell the Dead

The horror comedy comes to DVD

First-time writer-director Glenn McQuaid does a pretty good job of invoking the spirit of the camp old Hammer chillers films with this low-budget comedy horror about a pair luckless bodysnatchers. Set in a mist-shrouded backwater of 19th century feckin’ Ireland (but actually shot in New York City), Dublin-born McQuaid’s boisterous romp recounts the terrible tale of Arthur Blake (The Lord of the Rings’ Dominic Monaghan) and Willie Grimes (Larry Fessenden, also the film’s producer).

Confessing his sins to a drunken priest (Ron Perlman aka Hellboy) on the eve of his execution, Arthur recalls his apprenticeship into the business of digging up the recently deceased, his servitude to a wicked doctor (Angus Scrimm from Phantasm) and his ghoulish encounters with the not quite dead. Although the tone of the film becomes increasingly dark, McQuaid keeps things buoyant with a nice line in gallows humour. No extras.

(15) 85min

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