Inside (3 stars)


During the filming of Inside, Béatrice Dalle would hide herself under a hoodie, so upset was she that people would deign to look at her when not looking her best. OK, the character she plays (‘The Woman’) has just had half her face blasted away during another entrails-drenched confrontation with the heavily pregnant Sarah (Alysson ‘Younger Sister Of’ Paradis) whose unborn child The Woman appears to be rather keen on destroying. But such precious vanity from the iconic star of Betty Blue seems somewhat inconsistent with appearing in a gory horror flick.

This is one of the few real insights in the near hour-long ‘making of’ extra about this movie rarity (a French gorefest) which lays its cruelties on thick after an admirably tense opening is swiftly discarded for Halloween-esque shocks, all of which are undermined by a motive which can be safely guessed around the 20-minute mark.

(18) 79min.