Colin (3 stars)


Young Welsh horror movie fan Marc Price apparently made this zombie flick for just £45 – the cost of keeping his crewmates in tea and biscuits for the 18 months of weekend filming plus a few buckets of red food dye. If true, that makes this credit-crunch chiller a remarkable achievement, and all the more so for being a pretty good addition to the much reworked horror subgenre.

Price has hit on a fresh approach by having one of the living dead as the protagonist. As the film opens Colin (Alastair Kirton) is turning into a flesh eater after having been bitten by one. Thereafter, it follows him as he wanders around a post-apocalyptic suburban London, where he bumps into other undead and human survivors, and through these encounters Colin learns more about who he was and what he has become.

It’s a good enough idea to maintain the interest in what, it has to be admitted, does look like a low- or no-budget film. Minimal extras.

(18) 97min. (Spirit Entertainment DVD)

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