Night Train to Inverness (3 stars)

Night Train to Inverness

Directed by oft overlooked British film and TV director Ernest Morris (The Tell-Tale Heart, The Court Martial of Major Keller), this tight, train-bound 1960 thriller has a lot to commend it.

When ex-convict Roy Lewis (Norman Wooland) turns up in London to see his estranged wife and 7-year-old son Ted, his mother-in-law refuses to let him see them. Frustrated, he kidnaps his son and boards the night train to Inverness for a new life in Scotland. But Ted is a diabetic and Roy hasn’t got any insulin. Gutsy (for its time) and very watchable, Night Train to Inverness is certainly a period curio, not least because that is indeed Dennis Minder Waterman as young Ted. Minimal extras.

(U) 70min
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