Document 7

Document 7

Still from Goodbye How Are You

The International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival just gets stronger and stronger. This year punters are spoiled for choice with a selection of local and international films dealing with everything from child neglect to women’s rights and endemic ageism. Highlights include Iranian filmmaker Firouzeh Khosrovani’s humorous but worrying film about the disfigurement of female shop mannequins in her homeland. Well worth the price of a festival pass you will not see these films anywhere else.

CCA & GFT, Glasgow, Thu 22–Sun 25 Oct.

Umoja: The Village Where Men Are Forbidden

  • 2008
  • France
  • 52 min
  • E
  • Directed by: Jean Crousillac, Jean-Marc Sainclair
  • Written by: Jean-Marc Sainclair, Jean Crousillac

The International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival opens with a screening of 'Umoja, The Village Where Men Are Forbidden'. Documenting an all-female community created in reaction to the continued rape of Kenyan women by British soldiers stationed in Northern Kenya, Sainclair and Crousillal's film depicts the…

Document 7 Exhibition

Photographs and paintings that contrast the lives of child workers in India with those of adults in the factories of contemporary China. Featured artists include Shishu Shromik, Martina Salvi, Shenzhen Longgang, Martin Coyne and Gordon Delaney. 'Part of Document 7 - International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival'.


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