Lisbon Story (4 stars)

Lisbon Story

(PG) 100min
(Axiom DVD retail)

Wim Wenders’ little seen 1994 film is a sequel of sorts to his 1982 work The State of Things with characters (played by the same actors) re-emerging 12 years on another enigmatic quest in the Portugese heartland. Wenders regular Rüdiger Vogler plays sound engineer Philip Winter (not a million miles away from the character he played for Wenders in Alice in the Cities, Kings of the Road and the same one he played in The State of Things). Winter receives a cryptic phone call to come to Lisbon. He goes and moves from enigma to enigma, only stopping to record the sounds of the city and fall for the charms of a young singer. Odd, elliptical and deeply revealing about the collaborative perceptions of modern day filmmaking, Lisbon Story is a film that deserves patience and rediscovery. Extras include exclusive limited edition collector’s booklet.

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