Boom! (4 stars)


(PG) 112min (Second Sight)

Joseph Losey’s gloriously odd 1968 melodrama starring the then married Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor resurfaces after news of its demise were exaggerated (rumour had it that only one print of it existed in the world). Adapted from Tennessee Williams' 1963 play The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore about a terminally ill woman who spends her dying hours flirting with a young male trespasser, Boom! really is something else and a seminal work for lovers of the camp and bewildering. William’s unwell protagonist is now the more youthful Taylor who plays the mysterious Sissy who lives in a large mansion on a secluded island. Into her life wanders mysterious stranger Burton (part gigolo, part angel of death). Noel Coward is hanging around as well as the ‘witch of Capri’ supposedly. Plus John Barry, Johnny Dankworth and Georgie Fame all work wonders on the soundtrack that just about keeps one’s jaw from touching the floor. Douglas Slocombe’s cinematography is beautiful. It’s amazing, no wonder the John Waters thinks it may just be one of the great forgotten cinema classics of the 20th century. Minimal extras.

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