Gambit (4 stars)


(U) 109min (Second Sight)

Hot off the back of Alfie and The Ipcress File, Michael Caine made his Hollywood debut with this cleverly conceived 1966 crime caper. In it, Caine’s cat burglar hires Shirley MacLaine’s Eurasian beauty to help him relieve Herbert Lom’s rich Arab of a priceless antique.

Based on a story by Sydney The Hustler Carroll as adapted by Hollywood veteran Alvin Sargent (Paper Moon, Straight Time) and given an English humour polish by Jack Davies (Doctor at Sea, Trouble, Clover), it’s directed by David Lean’s former cinematographer Ronald Neame (Tunes of Glory, The Odessa File). So it’s smartly scripted, handsomely mounted and well played. A remake is in the works starring Colin Firth, Jennifer Anniston and Ben Kingsley. No extras.


  • 1966
  • US
  • 1h 49min
  • Directed by: Ronald Neame
  • Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Herbert Lom

Things do not go as planned when a cat burglar recruits a dancer to help him steal a valuable sculpture by distracting its owner - whose dead wife she happens to resemble.

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