All Tomorrow's Parties (3 stars)

All Tomorrow's Parties

(E) 83min (Warp Films)

It’s been ten years since All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) began their high concept underground music happenings at the Bowlie Weekender in Camber Sands holiday camp. Since then the invited musicians of the calibre of Patti Smith, Nick Cave, The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Sonic Youth and Belle and Sebastian have curated each others gigs at different events. Famously informal, chaotic and always entertaining, the ATP gatherings have now become legendary, threatening to become a brand in itself. Fortunately for those of us who haven’t made it yet, the fans brought their cameras along and documented the mayhem.

Drawn principally from two of the earlier ATP events; filmmakers Jonathan Tarnation Caouette and Luke Morris have made a coherent whole from the endless hours of random Super 8, camcorder and mobile phone footage taken at the various gigs, jam sessions, parties and occasionally hilarious in-between moments of spontaneous stupidity. It’s a punchy, kinetic and engaging collage. Extras include over 50 minutes of performance footage, a booklet which includes 10 years of ATP artwork and programme introductions.

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