Comics - NEVERWHERE (DVD) (3 stars)


(15) 173min (Cinema Club)


Elephant and Castle, Knightsbridge and The Angel, Islington: to non-Londoners and small children alike the names of the city’s landmarks conjure a sense of the bizarre which Neil Gaiman, much-loved writer of novels, comics, films and everything else, spun into a six-part TV series of the secret ‘London Below’ back in 1996. In an idea inspired by comedy oddity Lenny Henry, Richard Mayhew (the endearing Gary Bakewell) is the reluctant hero who is plunged into a hidden world and must aid Door (Laura Fraser) while overcoming a host of baddies.

So what if the acting’s hammy, the special effects make vintage Doctor Who look like The Matrix and the fabled Beast of London is a Highland cow puppet on a stick? The charming mix of fantasy, lore and the familiar into a comfortably unsettling view of the world finally gets a proper DVD release. Despite pared down extras, it is a must for those who appreciate the down-home charm of David Tennant’s Doctor or already count themselves among the legions of loyal Gaiman fans.

(Suzanne Black)

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