The Last Thakur (2 stars)

The Last Thakur

(15) 83min (Artificial Eye)

This Bangladeshi Western directed by British filmmaker Sadik Ahmed is a clumsily realised tale of Oedipal tensions. The film focuses on Kala, a young man visiting a small town determined to find out who raped his mother. Was it the charismatic Chairman, proclaimed defender of the people, or was it Thakur, the Hindu landlord busy gobbling up local land on unpaid loans? There are mythic overtones in Ahmed's film, but an almost complete absence of sub-text. In both formal and dramatic terms Ahmed offers the heavy-handed. When the chairman decides to split with the mistress, we get over-emphatic close-ups and equally explanatory dialogue. The film may indicate a timeless quality in its story, but the form of its telling indicates a very contemporary patronage of the audience's intelligence. Extras include short documentary.

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