Best films of 2009

Best films of 2009

Film Editor Paul Dale's Top films of the year

The White Ribbon

Strange events in a small German village before World War One.

Che Part One and Part Two

Brilliant two-part biopic of revolutionary hero Che Guevara by US filmmaker Steven Soderbergh.

Fish Tank

Dance and sex on an Essex estate from director Andrea Arnold (Red Road).

The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke in moving swansong to fictional wrestler.


Lyrical and violent biopic of psychotic prisoner Charles Bronson.

Let the Right One In

Transgender vampires and sub zero temperatures in brilliant Swedish horror.

Not Quite Hollywood

Documentary paean to Australia 1970s and 1980s exploitation cinema.


The plights of two economic migrants heading East and West respectively as painted through the photorealist eye of Austrian filmmaker Ulrich Dog Days Seidl.

The Class

Education French style in withering portrait of the compromises of modern day teaching in the country’s capital.

Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno

Documentary feature about the making of unfinished experimental thriller L’Enfer by the French Hitchcock Henri-Georges Clouzot.