Avatar (3 stars)


(12A) 161mins

After months, if not years, of hype, James Cameron’s Avatar is finally unveiled as a visually stunning yet deeply flawed sci-fi epic.

Hailed by industry insiders as a ‘game-changer’ that will revolutionise the way we see cinema, it’s a film that’s high on technical flair but short on storytelling ambition. For a filmmaker of Cameron’s proven ability, that’s all the more disappointing.

Set in 2154, the film focuses on a paraplegic marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), who arrives on the distant moon of Pandora with a mission to help displace its indigenous population, the Na’vi, so that humans can mine a precious material needed to ensure the Earth’s survival.

In order to do so, Jake must assume 12ft blue Na’vi form using advanced avatar technology. But, after winning their trust and being embraced as one of their own, Jake finds his allegiances gradually shifting, to the point at which he is compelled to lead the Na’vi against the military might of his former bosses in order to defend their world and ideals.

For Cameron, Avatar marks the realisation of a long-held labour of love that has been decades in gestation. It’s a film that marries his passion for pushing technology with the global concerns – both environmental and political – that have come to resonate with him. Sadly, it feels too derivative of other better movies (Dances With Wolves, Apocalypto) and is also lacking on an emotional level, with many of the lead actors restrained by the effects surrounding their appearance or the clumsy dialogue that reduces them to one dimensional ‘good’ or ‘bad’ characters.

That said, Cameron does succeed in creating a universe you can believe and immerse yourself in that is both beautiful and dangerous. The look of Pandora frequently dazzles and the 3D version does enhance the overall effect.

Ultimately, though, Avatar pales in comparison to the pioneering work that Cameron achieved in the first two Terminator films, Aliens and 11-time Oscar winner Titanic, which all felt like more complete visions.

Avatar is on general release from Thurs 17 December.

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  • 3 stars
  • 2009
  • US
  • 2h 46min
  • 12A
  • Directed by: James Cameron
  • Written by: James Cameron
  • Cast: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Stephen Lang, Michelle Rodriguez, Sigourney Weaver, Joel David Moore, Giovanni Ribisi

Set in 2154, Cameron's much-hyped Avatar focuses on a paraplegic marine named Jake Sully (Worthington), who arrives on the distant moon of Pandora with a mission to help displace its indigenous population. But, after winning their trust, Jake finds his allegiances gradually shifting. High on technical flair but short on…


1. Women That Munch19 Dec 2009, 9:11pm5 stars Avatar Report

***** 5 stars!!
Do not be put off by the reviews: yes Avatar has a fairly slim plot, however... it is a brilliant spectacle. The 3D production design is stunning. Everything from the space ships to the planet Pandora are truly amazing and nothing like it on screen before. I saw it at the IMAX, which took a bit of getting used to when the images appeared to be in my lap, but loved every minute. I will be going to see it again for sure!

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