Under The Mud (3 stars)

Under The Mud

(12A) 86 min (Hurricane Films)

Of Time and the City producer Sol Papadopoulos’ well-intentioned and warm-hearted modern Liverpool fable is a bit like a cross between Peter Mullan’s Orphans, and an episode of late lamented soap Brookside.

Liverpool everyman Andrew Schofield stars as the unmotivated dad who won’t commit to his long-suffering partner and tinkers on cars rather than searching out gainful employment. In short he’s the generally sound bloke in need of a character arc. With a just out of prison gangster ready to move in on his partner, can dad make good by the end of the third act? There are sub-plots aplenty here, and no shortage of narrative action. Yet the insights are hardly fresh and the characters are caricatures (despite being co-written by a group of Liverpool teenagers). Extras include cast and crew interviews.

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