Shakalaka Boom Boom (1 star)


(PG) 129 minutes (Blackhorse Entertainment DVD rental/retail)


Suneel Darshan’s Bollywood remake of Milos Forman’s Amadeus modernises the story in a transatlantic setting, where naturally gifted but arrogant young upstart Reggi (Upen Patel) challenges experienced champion of Indian pap/pop AJ (Bobby Deol).

Great soundtracks should be par for the course in Bollywood films (the scores of Subhash Ghai’s remarkable Taal and Pardes are still unsurpassed). Unfortunately SBB is neither musically innovative nor well crafted enough as a movie to justify the poor behaviour and acting of the characters/actors.

Full of 80s kitsch and lacking the qualifying genius of a modern Indian Mozart, SBB resorts to gratuitous shots of garishly ‘micro-skirted’ females (Celina Jaitley and Kangana Ranaut), randomly snogging the male leads ‘onstage’.

Star Patel pouts incessantly, while curly-permed Deol’s histrionics are laughable at best. Tired, farcical and ridiculous. No extras.

(Ghazala Butt)

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