The best film websites

The best film websites

If you work in an office and, like us, you love great movies you probably spend your lunch hour on any number of film-specific websites. So, after a totally unscientific survey of the cinema obsessives at The List, here’s our guide to what’s good and what’s not at the moment. Please feel free to tell us your favourites in the comments.
Make out like the 20th century never ended with this mega detailed David Lynch and Twin Peaks resource site.
Written by idiots but with lot of very up-to-date news about upcoming films, new trailers and stuff.
Blog about movie title sequences (and sometimes television) with good quality video clips.
Lively ratings site offering public and professional opinions. A good alternative to
Still the best horror magazine around (going since 1979). OK news and very good reviews but the site doesn’t seem to work about 50% of the time, which is annoying.
Very good for horror film news but reviews are rubbish.
Cinema ancient and modern reinterpreted through the lens of highbrow critical theory. A chin-stroker’s delight.

Thank you to all at The List (you know who you are) for their suggestions. Now get back to work.


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2. Marc @ The Fan Carpet26 Feb 2010, 6:34pm

Film news, photos and more! the premiere site for fans!

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