Beast Stalker (3 stars)

Beast Stalker

(15) 110min

Dante Lam’s Hong Kong action thriller is one of those impressive genre works where the plot hurtles along but the emotional bits are on go-slow, with heavy-handed bits of sentimentsitting uneasily alongside commendably executed violent action sequences. Still effective for all that, Lam´s film is pretty well done, overall, with a pushy, ambituous cop (Nicholas Tse) determined to make amends after accidentally killing the daughter of the public prosecutor (Jingchu Zhang) equally keen to nail the very man Tse was trying to capture when he shot holes into the boot of the gangster´s car the daughter was bundled into. We get all this in the first ten minutes, and the film doesn´t let up much thereafter except for the soggy moments. The action scenes are impeccably handled and the character psychology wonky but efficient for the workings of the ironic plot conclusion. A number of critics have drawn comparison with Infernal Affairs and Johnnie To’s work; they’re not entirely undeserved. Extras disc includes behind the scenes and making of documentaries, interviews and extended/alternate scenes.

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