DVD - Ghost Ship (3 stars)


(U) 71min (Optimum DVD retail)


In this genial, seaworthy but fright-lite low budget British horror film from 1952, a couple purchase an old steam boat with the intention of turning it into a luxury love nest only to find the crate has a history akin to that of the Marie Celeste and more than one skeleton in its below decks closet.

Writer-director Vernon Sewell makes an able-bodied attempt at steering the film into safe harbour, which is where most of the action takes place (as opposed to upon the high seas). In fact, Sewell was very much at home off dry land, given that he had previously directed The Silver Fleet for Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger and earlier made the voyage with Powell to The Edge of the World in 1937. Later in his prolific career, Sewell would go on to hack his way through everything from horror The Blood Beast Terror to comedy Strictly for the Birds. No extras.

(Miles Fielder)

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