Taking Chance (2 stars)

Taking Chance

(PG) 78min

There’s something to be said about a movie which doesn’t take the knee-jerk sensationalist route to making its point. And with a sensitive subject, such as the war in Iraq, you can see why Taking Chance would opt not to ramp up the heat. Appalling as a gung ho approach would have been, it’s matched by this dignity-filled, tedium-loaded movie about a marine bringing a fallen soldier back home. With its lush production and over-reliance on slo-mo, it comes across like a spectacularly dull episode of Cold Case and provides yet another reason for wishing that Blair and Bush had kept their warmongering tendencies in their pockets.

Kevin Bacon plays a guilt-ridden Lt Col Michael Strobl who steps up from his military desk job to escort the body of teenage marine Chance Phelps (hence the terrible title) to his Wyoming home. The DVD extras, which quietly discuss the true life and death of Phelps, are a marginally more affecting way to spend an afternoon.

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