The Fox Family (3 stars)

The Fox Family

(15) 102min

Manic Korean tale about a family of shape-shifting ‘kumiho’ (literally a nine-tailed fox) spirits hiding out with a circus troupe as they prepare to become human beings permanently. The chance occurs only once every thousand years and requires that they eat a human liver. Can they do it? Easier said than done when they’re a warm-hearted family not really given to the ruthlessness required.

Padding out the running time with musical numbers as we await the big day, and the film has its tongue in its cheek and up the audience’s derriere. This macabre piece of musical slapstick is pitched somewhere between The Happiness of the Katakuris and The Addams Family. The cast includes Korean stars Ha Jung-woo, Ju Hyeon and Park Si-yeon, and there’s an extended reference to Nic Roeg’s 1973 chiller Don’t Look Now. Like eating liver, Lee Hyung-gon’s film is bit of an acquired taste. Minimal extras.

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