Died Young, Stayed Pretty (4 stars)

Died Young, Stayed Pretty

(E) 95min

Eileen Yaghoobian’s film delves into the underground poster culture in North America. In detailing the motivations and examining the creative spirit of these independent graphic designers, Yaghoobian uncovers a whole stratum of embittered creativity, one driven to essay America’s schizophrenic culture with all its inherent greed.

Yaghoobian understands that she is dealing with what is very much an underground counter culture who are at war with what they see as America’s ‘morbidly obese consumer culture’ and accordingly gives her subjects room to digress and expound on the ideas that drive them. One is left in no doubt that this bunch of eccentrics, loners and mad men are exercising their artistic freedoms in ways that few artists ever do. Well worth renting, downloading or stealing. Minimal extras.