(15) 117min

This blackly comic South Korean horror film arrives on the back of the success of the Asian monster movie The Host. Like that film, Chaw (pronounced ‘chow’, meaning animal trap, but probably intended to invoke Jaws) is at once a knowing genre parody and a gruesome chiller in its own right. The creature in this feature is a giant boar that’s terrorising the inhabitants of a small village. After the tusky terror kills one villager too many, a self-important city cop is dispatched from Seoul to sort the big pig out. A hotheaded colleague, an arrogant professional hunter and a geeky ecologist join him and together the quarrelsome foursome head into the woods to track down the beast.

The dysfunctional interplay between the intentionally generic characters maintains the interest between monster sightings, and there’s an amusing supporting cast of crazy locals. The special effects are a bit ropey, but they do the job in a film that doesn’t take itself seriously. No extras.

Chaw trailer

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