The Constant Husband (3 stars)

The Constant Husband

(U) 85min

A man wakes up in a strange country with no recollection of who he is or how he got there. Enlisting the assistance of a local psychiatrist, the dazed chap begins to piece together his life and discovers to his mortification that he’s been very badly behaved indeed. That’s the crux of this witty and not a little daring for its time (1955) mystery that’s played for laughs. Rex Harrison is the cad, Cecil Parker the shrink and Margaret Leighton and Kay Kendall just two of the lovely ladies in the amnesiac’s life. George Cole and Michael Hordern also put in appearances.

It’s written and directed by veteran filmmaker Sidney Gilliat, who’s best known for his collaborations with Frank Launder (co-writing Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes), who produced the original St Trinian’s films and who also directed Millions Like Us, Waterloo Road and Green for Danger. It’s not one of Gilliat’s best, but this husband’s certainly worth watching. No extras.