Zombie Zombie perform the music of John Carpenter (4 stars)

Zombie Zombie perform the music of John Carpenter

Photo: Stuart Crawford

Glasgow Film Festival at Mono, Glasgow, Thu 18 Feb 2010

Forming part of the Glasgow Film Festival’s Music and Film strand, the influence of one of American cinema’s most widely-respected cult auteurs hung over this event, so we shouldn’t be too picky that the band scrapped the idea of performing in front of film clips from Carpenter’s work during this specially commissioned show. For John Carpenter commands huge respect, mainly for films he made in the 70s and 80s like Hallowe’en and The Thing, but his legacy of low-budget scores has carved its own slash into the history of electronic music.

Before a sold-out crowd representative of Glasgow’s scenester community, these readings by Zombie Zombie – Parisian duo Etienne Jaumet on keyboards and laptop, and Cosmic Neman (also a member of Herman Dune) on drums – were faithful, but also urgent and dynamic thanks to their live volume and Neman’s deft playing. Some of the highlights were the tense title theme of Assault on Precinct 13 and excerpts from Escape From New York, but hopefully the show as a whole will have caused many to revisit this exceptional body of work.


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