Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (3 stars)

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

(U) 92min

Premiering on DVD to coincide with the release of Hollywood goth Tim Burton’s take on the Lewis Carroll classic, this 1972 British musical version can certainly be described as both lavish and faithful to its much-loved source. The all-star cast of comic actors features Peter Sellers, Michael Crawford, Dudley Moore, Spike Milligan, Michael Hordern and Sir Ralph Richardson, plus one-time Bond girl Fiona Fullerton as Alice. The set and costume design, make-up and special effects are very impressive, and the film’s beautifully shot in ‘scope by veteran Geoffrey Unsworth, who lensed 2001 for Stanley Kubrick four years earlier, and scored by the great John Barry. What a shame, then, that as written and directed by sometime television producer William Sterling this Wonderland is a glorious tableau that fails to come to life. Individual scenes and set pieces look wonderful, but the leaden pacing renders the whole thing inert. No extras.