Motherhood (2 stars)


(15) 90min

Released in time for Mother’s Day, this comic drama about a day in the life of a harassed middle-class New York married mom of two sets hard about eliciting the sympathy of maternals everywhere. In an unlikely role, self-confessed fashionista Uma Thurman plays a boho parent – unkempt hair, clunky spectacles, dresses that look like nightgowns, sneakers sans laces – who lives in tiny, elevator-less apartment in the West Village with her pre-school age son, about-to-be-six-year-old daughter and book editor husband (Anthony Edwards). Writer-director Katherine Dieckmann distils the daily frustrations of their lives, from finding a parking space for their family saloon to envy of Manhattan’s moneyed classes, into a lengthy splenetic tirade that’s initially amusing but soon becomes tiresome. Dieckmann tries for the flip tone of Sex and the City, but it doesn’t float, weighed down as the film is by the ceaselessly bitter diatribe. Extras: Mother’s Day voucher pack.

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