I Think We're Alone Now (4 stars)

I Think We're Alone Now

(15) 64min

To Jeff Turner, Tiffany is ‘the most Christ-like person’ he’s ever known. Talking about the 80s teen popstar; Turner considers Tiffany a close friend, despite her taking a restraining order out on him. This feature-length documentary from first time director, Sean Donnelly follows Turner, and another super fan, Kelly McCormick through the stalker rituals that they’ve been following for 20-odd years.

Although there are comedy moments – Turner strapping on a bike helmet wired up to ‘radionics’ equipment to get inside Tiffany’s mind, or McCormick (a Buffalo Bill/ Mr Burns lookalike) with a Tiffany photo perched on her shoulder for company – Donnelly’s film is more than just a cheap freak show. Yes, the pair are clearly nuts – and only the self-soothing delusion of Tiffany’s imaginary love gets them through the day – but there is real sadness too in the story of Turner (an Asperger’s sufferer) and his unrequited love, and the confused emotions of hermaphrodite, McCormick. And with Tiffany grinning for a photo with them both – who’s the real weirdo? No extras.

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