Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde (4 stars)

Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde

(15) 94min

By the turn of the sexploitastic 1970s Hammer Films were upping the erotic content of their already titillating takes on horror classics with this transgender spin on Stevenson’s evil alter-ego tale of terror. Released in 1971, the same year as Countess Dracula and Lust for A Vampire, it’s certainly the most accomplished of Hammer’s lasciviously lurid films. The simple but brilliant twist on Stevenson’s original was conceived by veteran film and television scriptwriter Brian Clemens, who also works into the story of a sex-changed psycho-nympho murdering women for their female hormones, the legends of real-life killers Burke and Hare and Jack the Ripper. Hammer stalwart Roy Ward Baker directs with a mix of flare and efficiency and his twin stars, Ralph Bates (who married cameo player Virginia Wetherell shortly after cutting up her prostitute on screen) and Martine Beswick (the former Miss Jamaica who replaced buxom beauty Caroline Munroe, who balked at the nudity requirement), are acquit themselves equally well. No extras.

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