Attack On Leningrad (2 stars)

Attack On Leningrad

(15) 116min

With Mora Sorvino donning a milky English accent and Gabriel Byrne sleepwalking through his role as a veteran war reporter, this turgid retelling of a tragic chapter in European history actually puts you off finding out more rather than having you whizz away to a digital library. The Nazi siege of Leningrad claimed 1.5m lives as Hitler (with Stalin’s tacit approval) squeezed the life from its citizens and took a British female journalist with it.

But with clunky direction from Alexander Buravsky, something somewhere has got badly lost in translation (the virtually unreadable subtitles don’t help) while one shoddily constructed framing of a horse screaming with terror as the bombs start raining down has you wincing at the lack of technical expertise on display here. The extras that fill in a bit of historical detail and show the risks that the actors undertook in the harsh Russian winter are mere cold comfort.

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