Bitch Slap (3 stars)

Bitch Slap

(18) 110min

Writer/director and Corman protégé Rick Jacobson certainly earned his B movie/fantasy-action spurs working on cult US television series Xena /Hercules. With cameos by Lucy Xena Lawless and Michael Hercules Hurst and Tarantino’s ‘stunt woman du jour’ Zoe Bell crafting the self-proclaimed ‘greatest chick fight in cinema history’, heck even Russ (Meyer) and Roger (Corman) might be given a run for their money? Whilst Jacobson certainly knows his bootie (the opening credits deliver a great found footage montage of mad, bad and dangerous to know femme icons), unfortunately the film’s post-modern parody soon hangs too long in the tooth. The plot itself concerns three badass chicks who find themselves in the hot Californian desert with a half-naked hostage, grindhouse guns, buried diamonds and a pesky cop under the name of Deputy Fuchs. Nevertheless, there is much to delight fans of the genre especially the fabulous Modesty Blaise Alpine sequence towards the end. Extras include standard behind-the-scenes film.

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