The Level (1 star)

The Level

(18) 87min

Quentin Tarantino might have an awful lot to answer for, but perhaps even he can’t be blamed for the appalling effort that is The Level. ‘Written’ and ‘directed’ by the Crook Brothers (Josh and Jeff), it contains some of the most quality-free dialogue and ropiest acting ever consigned to the straight-to-bargain-basement market and a ‘plot’ which aims for enigmatic but plops into a file named ‘risible’. When mobster Eddie attempts to discover the truth behind his boss’ disappearance, he gets wrapped up in an escalating body count and implausible lesbian-gangster set-ups.

Some crazy at the New York Times referenced both The Usual Suspects and Reservoir Dogs during their review for this, presumably because you’re not quite sure who’s telling the truth and someone gets a body part lopped off while strapped to a chair. Thankfully, they couldn’t be bothered knocking up any DVD extras to prolong the agony.

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