Salvage (3 stars)


(18) 81min

This, the second of three films made under the micro-budget Digital Departures scheme initiated in 2008 during Liverpool’s year as City of Culture, couldn’t be more different from its predecessor, Terence Davies’ documentary paean to his hometown, Of Time and City. In contrast to Davies’ sublime film, Salvage, which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival last year alongside the third Digital Departure, Kicks, is a modest, generically conventional, reasonably effective horror film.

When a ship’s container is washed up on a beach on the Wirral, the residents of a nearby housing estate are kept in their homes by a special ops army unit that’s on a mission to recover its mysterious and now AWOL contents. What follows plays like an episode of Brookside (which defunct soap provides the film’s sets) directed by George A Romero – and the denouement recalls the bitter end of Night of the Living Dead. Extras include audio commentaries, on-set cast and crew interviews and behind the scenes featurette.

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