Massacre in Rome

Massacre in Rome

(15) 107min

Richard Burton stars as Lt Col Kappler, the SS officer tasked with executing 330 Italians as a reprisal for the deaths of 33 German troops in Rome towards the end of WWII. Kappler is conflicted, and explores every possible alternative, mirroring the efforts of Italian priest Pietro Antonelli (Marcello Mastroianni), who requests that Pope Pius XII intervene – and is refused.

Burton is fantastic, with steely eyes to match his SS uniform, and Mastroianni does a nice line in earnest desperation (some of the supporting cast let the side down with hammy performances, and the proliferation of cut-glass English accents makes it hard to discern Germans from Italians). Director George P Cosmatos is more famous for early Stallone pics, which is reflected in the tense and well-staged ambush scene. Extras: theatrical trailer, plus a bizarre collection of grindhouse and erotica trailers from Argent.


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