Lizard In A Woman’s Skin (4 stars)

Lizard In A Woman’s Skin

(18) 103min


After years of neglect and abuse, Italian horror puck Lucio Fulci’s controversial 1971 Freudian horror returns fully restored on a lovely new print and transfer. Lizard in a Woman’s Skin (which was butchered and released in the US as Schizoid) is a curious amalgam of country house thriller, psychedelic social commentary and hardcore giallo. It follows the increasingly hysteric turns of misfortune of politician’s daughter Carol Hammond (Florinda Bolkan) when fantasies of sex and orgies with the next-door neighbour give way to her becoming the lead suspect in a murder.

It’s all madly unhinged and (for fans of Fulci) a real pleasure of trash and flash. The retro-erotica quotient is commendable and the one truly shocking set piece is not for animal lovers, in fact it ended Fulci and his team up in court – but that’s another story. Stanley Baker excels as a perplexed detective. This is well worth seeking out. Surprisingly few extras.

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