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  • 2 October 2006

Film news to keep you amused

An era of amateur filmmaking has come to an end. The factory in Lausanne, Switzerland, that processes Europe’s supplies of Kodachrome has shut its doors forever. If you want to get your Kodachrome film developed now, you are going to have to get in touch with an outfit in Kansas called Dwayne’s Photo (, and hope for the best. Farewell old friend.

Fancy getting rural with some great Scottish movies like Local Hero and I Know Where I’m Going? Well, the crazy RBS Screen Machine Take 2 mobile cinema comes to the Cowal Peninsula between 6-12 October to kick off the first CowalFest. Interested? Visit

There’s loads of great film seasons starting over the next few weeks. In Glasgow, the International Bike Film Festival (till 12 October) and Human Rights film festival Document 4 (13-15 Oct) take over the GFT, while at Filmhouse, Edinburgh, an Irish/Scottish film season called Reel 2006 kicks off on 28 Oct and a superb African Film Festival starts on 20 October (

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