Can't Stop The Music (3 stars)

Can't Stop The Music

(PG) 118min

This fictional Village People biopic/musical was released in 1980, and flopped dramatically at the box office, winning ‘Worst Picture’ at the first Golden Raspberry Awards.

Blame it on America’s lack of tolerance at the time – not tolerance of the gay culture it parades (Greenwich Village’s Stonewall riots were over ten-years past by then) – but tolerance for six-minute dance sequences saturated with red glitter and diamante. America was OD-ing on disco by 1980, and needed another choreographed rollerskates and leotards routine like a hole in the head.

Two decades on however, it’s a camp treat, (and a cult success at recent LGBT film festivals). The story of DJ Jack Morell (Steve Guttenberg) and his DIY boy band contains more ropey plotlines, slow motion male gymnasts and fertility-threatening jeans than you can shake a police baton at. Although ‘YMCA’ is the only hit song, the remaining fluff is packed with sickeningly cheerleaderish, fabulously naff, polyester charm. No extras.

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